Welcome to Fishyworld in 2011

Hi Fishyworld readers!

Its the middle of February when I am typing this and here in Denmark, the daytime temperature is below freezing, the lakes are solid ice, and the wind chill makes it feel even colder! Just last week we had acovering of snow, just as we got rid of a load from November, December. In fact half of January it didn't snow at all! The picture above is taken at Bygholm Lake in Horsens at the end of January.

My plan for updating the web site a lot more last year didn't go according to plan in the second half of theyear due to some personal matters, but things are looking up now.

Whilst the lakes are frozen and the rivers are really running through, I shall be improving the navigation of the web site, as I can see there are still some minor bugs in the sites navigation menu. And if I can, I shall of course add some more articles. I am no expert when it comes to web design, however I get by, and learn as I go, and this is the site I experiment with in terms of coding.

I am wondering if anyone is coming to Denmark this year for a fishing holiday? The fishing was still very hard last year at the famous lakes such as Skanderborg, Silkeborg etc, so it got me thinking is there anyone left that dare spend a week fishing here anymore?
Let me know :) 

I didn't go fishing much at all last year, but I have already been this year, 9th February I went pike fishing with my mate Rod, and we had two a piece, but I was the lucky one and had a nice 10lb'er on a Big S Lure. For those that don't know it, it is a real classic amoung lure anglers... The pike were really hungry for our lures as all 4 fish we caught between us actually took our lures down more than the usual just inside the mouth that is typical with lure fishing. Anyways an enjoyable first session in 2011.

In the meantime enjoy what is the now fairly well known Fishyworld website in its current state, and hopefully you will continue to give me your feedback both on the site content aswell as your fishing holidays here in Denmark.

Tight lines!

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